Hemp Mixers Coming to Happy Hour

Cannabis Global launches trio of hemp-based, alcohol-free cocktail mixers under the Hemp You Can Feel brand.

LOS ANGELES – Cannabis Global Inc. earlier this month launched its line of hemp-based alcohol substitute cocktail mixers under the Hemp You Can Feel brand.

Hemp You Can Feel mixers are now available for bulk purchase for wholesale distribution as well as for online consumer purchase. Cocktails based on the Hemp You Can Feel mixers provide an experience on par with light alcohol consumption, but without any of the harmful side effects of alcohol.

“Because of the ultra-low levels of hemp extracts utilized, we feel we set a new standard for product-safety and satisfaction in the hemp food and beverage category with this product,” said Arman Tabatabaei, CEO of Cannabis Global. “While our Hemp You Can Feel beverages likely have the lowest hemp extract levels in the industry, we believe we provide a vastly superior positive effect upon use.”

Tabatabaei touted the new product as the first viable alternative to alcoholic beverages.

The cocktail mixer product line currently features three simple-to-use mixers: Margarita Jalapeño, Skinny Classic Cosmopolitan and Hibiscus Mint Lemon mixer. The preparation of a Hemp You Can Feel cocktail is simple: add one to two ounces along with ice and sparkling water – and of course, no alcohol. The company is planning to soon release multiple additional hemp-based flavors.

Cannabis Global believes the use of Hemp You Can Feel is significantly safer than the consumption of other hemp-based or high-CBD-based beverages. Because of the natural water solubility of the preparations, only a minuscule amount of hemp extracts is present in the cocktail mixers. Laboratory analysis and results by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) indicated the presence of hemp extracts in the non-detectable category.

“The infusion technology behind our new Hemp You Can Feel alcohol-free cocktail mixers is highly advanced, yet ultra-simple,” added Tabatabaei. “It’s based on honeybees, powered by Bee-Fuse technology and our provisional patent on an all-natural, room temperature powderization technology.”

Tabatabaei explained that nature has provided bees with unique enzymes that can naturally break down oil-based hemp extracts into a water-soluble compound, which Cannabis Global relies upon to create the cocktail mixers.

“There has never been anything like this product on the marketplace,” Tabatabaei said. “Only nature could provide such a simple and elegant solution.”

Yet, he said, it is highly effective, allowing Cannabis Global to produce what it calls the first hemp-based product that holds its own against alcohol-based beverages.

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