Hemp You Can Feel Coffee - Breakfast Blend

95% Hemp You Can Feel Coffee - Our Breakfast Blend Coffee is made from some of the finest ingredients available anywhere.  Our Breakfast Blend is very different from our Super Premium Single Source Guatemalan and our Colombian Brazilian blend in that while still full of flavor the tones are lighter and smooth balance due to the lighter roasting of the beans.  With bright acidity and a full flavor, Hemp You Can Feel Breakfast blends is 100% Organic Arabica sourced from Peru.

We combined this rich coffee with our patent-pending hemp extract dual infusion technology to create a unique coffee experience - Hemp You Can Feel Coffee.

Each coffee pod contains 35 milligrams of CBD and our hemp extract infusion enhancement based on all-natural ingredients.  All packaging, including the cup and lid, are 100% compostable within 120 days of being properly discarded.  Even our certificate of analysis, which is a testing document from an independent laboratory, that is included inside the box is compostable. 

$7.99 - Three Pod Box

$8.99 - Four Pod Box

$32.49 - Twelve Pod Box

Coffee Origin: Peru

Coffee Production Process: Washed and Machine Dried

We Taste: Citrus and Brightness

Hemp Extract Infusion: All natural broad-spectrum hemp extract infused at room temperature on organic inulin combined with a patent-pending secondary infusion of broad-spectrum hemp extract and honey bee honey produced at organic farms

Ingredients:  95% organic.  Organic Coffee from Peru, Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extracts, Organic Inulin for Organic Vegetable, Trace Amounts of Organic Coconut Oil and Honeybee Honey from Organic Farms.

Certified as Non-Detectable THC