Hemp You Can Feel Coffee - Flor del Rosario

95% Hemp You Can Feel Coffee - Flor del Rosaria is made from some of the finest ingredients available anywhere.   Flor del Rosaria is an organic, exquisite coffee named after the lush Guatemalan farm where it is grown. In our search for a delectable single origin offering from Central America, we fell in love with this gem from Don Horst Spitzke. This truly balanced cup begins with a zesty, citrus acidity followed by notes of creamy milk chocolate and hazelnut. We think you’ll fall in love at first sip too

We combined this rich coffee with our patent-pending hemp extract dual infusion technology to create a unique coffee experience - Hemp You Can Feel Coffee.

Each coffee pod contains 35 milligrams of CBD and our hemp extract infusion enhancement based on all-natural ingredients.  All packaging, including the cup and lid, are 100% compostable within 120 days of being properly discarded.  Even our certificate of analysis, which is a testing document from an independent laboratory, that is included inside the box is compostable.

$7.99 - Three Pod Box

$8.99 - Four Pod Box

$32.49 - Twelve Pod Box

Coffee Origin: Guatemala

Farm: Flor del Rosario Farm, Alta Verapaz Department, Guatemala

Coffee Production Process: Washed, Sun Dried and Machine Dried

We Taste: Orange Zest, Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut 

Hemp Extract Infusion: All natural broad-spectrum hemp extract infused at room temperature on organic inulin combined with a patent-pending secondary infusion of broad-spectrum hemp extract and honey bee honey produced at organic farms

Ingredients:  95% organic.  Organic Coffee from Guatemala, Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extracts, Organic Inulin for Organic Vegetable, Trace Amounts of Organic Coconut Oil and Honeybee Honey from Organic Farms.

Certified as Non-Detectable THC

The Flor del Rosario Coffee Story 

Around 20 years ago, Horst Spitzke purchased Flor del Rosario, a lush farm in Cobán, the capital city of the northern department of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

Don Horst intended to graze cattle on the land, but it was ultimately too steep, and so he turned to coffee. He set out to teach himself everything he could, applying the same rigor, passion and attention to detail that made him a successful engineer in his earlier life in Germany — and that today explains the success of his milling processes and the consistency of his coffees.

InterAmerican has been purchasing from Don Horst for nearly a decade, and each year we receive what Flor del Rosario excels at: a crisp, well-balanced, full bodied cup with the chocolate, floral and citrus notes the region is known for. Consensus among the InterAmerican team is that this coffee performs particularly well when brewed with a traditional drip brew method.

Flor del Rosario is approximately 500 hectares — 150 hectares of which is coffee, while the rest is natural forest. And still, the property’s most beloved attraction is its multi-story waterfall — la cascada — from which this coffee takes its name.  Regarding processing, because Cobán is a very misty region, Don Horst dries his coffee on a concrete patio for two days and then sends it to be fully dried by machine.

Cupping notes: La Cascada has strong notes of chocolate and caramel, a bright acidity with orange and lemon notes, a really lovely roundness and mouth feel, and a sweet, clean finish.