Hemp You Can Feel Coffee - Superbloom

95% Hemp You Can Feel Coffee - Superbloom is made from some of the finest ingredients available anywhere.  The Superbloom coffee is an organic, super-premium South American blend.  It is a natural process coffee from Alta Mogiana, Brazil shines with lively, red fruit sweetness, while the washed Colombia from the Huila region balances the cup with a full-bodied, milk chocolate finish. A true crowd-pleaser.

We combined this rich coffee with our patent-pending hemp extract dual infusion technology to create a unique coffee experience - Hemp You Can Feel Coffee.

Each coffee pod contains 35 milligrams of CBD and our hemp extract infusion enhancement based on all-natural ingredients.  All packaging, including the cup and lid, are 100% compostable within 120 days of being properly discarded.  Even our certificate of analysis, which is a testing document from an independent laboratory, that is included inside the box is compostable.


$7.99 - Three Pod Box

$8.99 - Four Pod Box

$32.49 - Twelve Pod Box 

Coffee Origin: Brazil & Columbia

Farmer: Horst Spitzke

Coffee Production Process: Natural & Washed

We Taste: Red Apple, Milk Chocolate, Heavy Body

Hemp Extract Infusion: All natural broad-spectrum hemp extract infused at room temperature on organic inulin combined with a patent-pending secondary infusion of broad-spectrum hemp extract and honey bee honey produced at organic farms

Ingredients:  95% organic.  Organic Coffee from Brazil and Columbia, Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extracts, Organic Inulin for Organic Vegetable, Trace Amounts of Organic Coconut Oil and Honeybee Honey from Organic Farms.

Certified as Non-Detectable THC