An Educated Hemp/CBD Consumer: The Use of Clean Labels on Packaging

An astounding 14% of Americans report using CBD or hemp products. 

So—imagine you're walking your dog around the block, and you see seven people. According to the numbers, at least one of those individuals personally uses CBD. That's a lot of your neighbors! 

Hemp consumers do so for several reasons. Forty percent use CBD for pain; 20% use it for anxiety; another 11% use it for sleep. With these health-conscious reasons in mind, it's only natural to assume these users also care about having clean labels.

If you sell hemp or CBD products, clean labels are one way to establish authority with your buyers. They appear more trustworthy and also promote quality. 

What are clean labels, exactly? What are their other potential benefits? How can you go about implementing them into your operation?

We answer these questions below.

What Are Clean Labels?

Clean labels don't have a specific definition. In that way, they're open to interpretation on a consumer basis.

However, the general understanding of clean labels is that the product within the packaging uses simple, healthy, pure, and environmentally-friendly ingredients. Additionally, consumers have added their own definitions. A majority of buyers—six out of ten—associate clean labels with "healthfulness."

So, what does using a clean label mean for you, a business owner that sells hemp or CBD?

It means the products with clean labels will be easy to read and understand, contain a minimal amount of ingredients, and be mostly contaminant-free. 

What Are the Possible Benefits of Using Them?

By now, you've got a hint of all the potential advantages! 

The numbers suggest that clean products are what consumers are looking for—items with no additives, contaminants, toxic ingredients, synthetic chemicals, artificial flavors, etc. When a product (especially something ingestable like CBD) looks high-quality, it shows more intention behind the brand. 

It's easy to see how that clean, conscious label can lead to someone selling more of something. It's more appealing to users. They're likely to feel more comfortable consuming something they can understand better.

How to Begin Utilizing These Labels and Providing Transparency 

Luckily for you, utilizing clean labels is simple—especially for retailers.

As a retailer, you can opt out of buying and selling products from shady manufacturers that don't provide an honest label. You can navigate toward conscious creators that provide a high-quality product that speaks for itself.

If you're a manufacturer, the process might be a little longer, as it starts at the beginning. How can you make products that are cleaner, healthier, and toxic-free? If you don't, someone else will. 

Cater to Conscious Consumers

There are several ways to make your CBD products look more sophisticated. Clean labels are only one of many tactics. 

But—clean labels offer something extra.

They provide transparency to users. They are easy to read and understand and may even encourage the importance of CBD and hemp education. Plus, they're a straightforward method for optimizing your products.

For a fantastic example of clean labels, click here to peruse our offerings. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you'd like to sell anything you see on our site in your store!