Why the Bee Hive Matters to Hemp You Can Feel™ Brands

In nature, honeybees fly from flower to flower to collect nectar for the hive. Bees store the nectar within their honey stomach, an entirely separate system from their digestive tract. In this special organ, the nectar mixes with an enzyme which reduces sucrose and helps balance the nectar's water content. If the worker honey bees do not use this liquid gold right away, they can incorporate it into other combs in the hive.

So what does this have to do with Hemp You Can Feel™? The brand relies on a method which harnesses the natural properties of bees and cannabis to create an all-natural, chemical-free, water-soluble, and CBD-rich infusion, based on innovative technology from Phytopharma international.

At the facility, bees consume hemp oil and process it through their honey-stomach system. The specialized stomach uses natural enzymes to break it down. This converts hemp into an entirely water-soluble, sweet substance — a sort of CBD honey.

After collection, Hemp You Can Feel™ takes one additional step. They dehydrate the hemp-infused honey into a powder. This takes place through a unique process that dehydrates with low temperatures and no additional chemicals.

Every Hemp You Can Feel™ product, from the Organic Coffee K-Cups to the Gummies You Can Feel to the line of Cocktail Mixers, contains this specialized hemp extraction.

The genius behind the Hemp You Can Feel brand is natural hemp honey based on Israeli technology called BeeFuse™ https://bee-fuse.com/technology/.  

After extensive research, Ilan Ben Simom from Phytopharma International successfully discovered a method that allows bees to naturally express active cannabinoids in their honey. Leveraging this knowledge, they developed the technology behind the natural, nutritional composition and the bees loved it. Bee-Fuse™’s delivery platform utilizes the full spectrum of each strain of hemp, without chemical or biological alteration. Nature takes its course, by letting bees foster the proprietary nutrient formula by choice.  Bee-Fuse™ honey is truly one-of-a-kind and has passed quality tests, has a registered patent.

Nature Made Natural Hemp Honey and Hemp You Can Feel Brands

Hemp and its molecular structure has become a growing subject of study around the world.  Researchers do not yet know which specific strains cause-specific healing effects and are, therefore, isolating cannabinoids and testing different strains to better understand the different effects for a wide range of medical purposes.  For this reason, all of the Hemp You Can Feel products are based on full-spectrum products produced under the patented technologies of PhytoPharma International.  Both companies believe few can take issue with a 100% nature-based solution.  

You can never go wrong with Nature!