Hemp You Can Feel

Aspartame Blend - Blue Packets


Hemp You Can Feel™ Aspartame Blend Blue Packet - Powered by Bee Fuse™ Technology

A blend of aspartame and other sweeteners with hemp extracts based on Bee-Fuse™ Technology from Phyto-Pharma International Ltd.  Bee-Fuse™ Technology is a method that allows bees to naturally express active cannabinoids in their honey.  

Yes! Hemp extracts processed by Honey Bees - The World’s first un-infused hemp honey actually processed through Honey Bees. The hemp extract rich honey is then converted into a power via an all-natural, room temperature process that preserves all the natural goodness of the hemp extracts and the honey.  The result is a Hemp You Can Feel™ Aspartame Blend, a unique blend that mixes easily with both hot and cold beverages or that can be easily added to foods, without any of the bad tastes associated with some hemp extracts.  

  • Based on World’s First Un-Infused Hemp Honey - Powered by Bee-Fuse™ Technology.

  • 100% Natural Hemp, Organic Stevia and Other Sweeteners

  • Full-spectrum Hemp Extracts - World’s First Uninfused Hemp Honey

  • U.S. Grown and Produced 

  • 100% Water Soluble for Easy Absorption by the Body

  • No Hemp Taste, No Cloudy Beverages

  • Ethical Beekeepers and Ethical Honey

  • 100% Non-GMO and 100% Room Temperature Manufacturing for Whole Food Goodness

  • THC Free

Ingredients:  Dextrose, Aspartame, Hemp Extract Honey From Bees, Powdered by Bee-Fuse™ Technology, Non-GMO Starches

Hemp You Can Feel™ is a trademark of Cannabis Global, Inc.

Bee-Fuse™ is a trademark of Phyto-Pharma International Ltd.

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