Hemp You Can Feel

Cocktail Mixer - Hibiscus Mint Lemon

GO ALCOHOL-FREE! A refreshing alternative to alcoholic beverages for adults. Hemp You Can Feel Mixers are based on the finest ingredients. We infuse our mixers with the patent-pending Hemp You Can Feel infusion technology that utilizes no chemicals of any kind. With true water solubility, we only need to provide less than 1 milligram of hemp extract per serving. Our infusions interact with the body naturally, producing real relaxation without the negative effects of alcohol. 
Makes 8 Hemp You Can Feel Cocktails.

For Alcohol-Free Cocktails or Sodas:

Combine 2 tbsp/ 1.0 oz with ice and 12 oz sparkling water. Shake and enjoy. 


Water, cane sugar, organic lemon juice and essential oils, citric acid, hemp extracts with less than 1 mg of hemp extract per serving, honey from organic farms, organic inulin from vegetables, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), organic hibiscus extract, organic peppermint extract and trace amounts of organic coconut oil.

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