We started our company with two things in mind:
One, we truly believe in the health benefits that hemp extracts and CBD can provide to the world. Two, we will find a way to provide our customers with the purest forms of hemp extracts and CBD while enhancing the planet and the people around us.

While most hemp extract and CBD products are processed crudely with chemicals, leaving them void of true health benefits. Our preparations are all-natural with some Powered by BeeFuse™ Technology, an Israeli technology manufactured in California, produced by ethically-treated honeybees. Bee-Fuse™’s patented composition, which is part of PhytoPharma International Ltd, was invented by Ilan B. Simon.

Honey Bees love hemp and provide the purists, bioavailable hemp extracts and CBD on the market. Hemp You Can Feel™ products are 100% water-soluble CBD, which allows for increased feeling of the hemp extracts at much lower dosage levels. In many cases, our products contain only a fraction of what is added to other products. We feel it is a safer and more effective way to provide hemp extracts and CBD. After all, our approach is 100% nature-based.

Our Company’s fantastic technology and the Bee-Fuse™ Technology not only provide our community with the healthiest, 100% natural, bio-available CBD and hemp extracts on the market, but we also strive to show the beautiful influence of honeybees and what can be accomplished working hand in hand with Mother Nature.



Bee-Fuse™ Technology harnesses the natural properties of bees and hemp to create an all-natural, chemical-free, water-soluble, and hemp and CBD-rich infusion. Honeybees love hemp, which they readily consume to produce a unique hemp extract fortified honey. The secret is in the enzymes used by bees to convert nectar into honey. These enzymes convert the hemp into a concentrated, water-soluble, all-natural hemp honey extract. It is all complex, while being simple in the eyes of nature - all brought to us by Bee-Fuse™ Technology. We then convert the hemp honey into a powder through a unique patent pending process that occurs are room temperature to preserve all the goodness provided by nature - no chemicals, additives, and nothing artificial. This is truly a hemp extract product line from nature, not a laboratory. This unique set of nature-based technologies allow us to bring you the highest purity and potency while enhancing the planet and people around us.


Bee Nice


Hemp You Can Feel is partnering with Farmers, Charities and local organizations around the world to bring the power of Mother Nature back into mainstream business. We are working side by side with these amazing organizations to provide consumer knowledge and community involvement to enhance the environment around us.